Inspire Me, Inspiration You!

As you walk down the street, or flick your hair, or move your feet, or throw your hands in the air, a work of art is being based on you.

As you work your way up and pave your way though, someone is rooting for you.

As you do something as simple as being yourself, you're inspiring someone right now. So do us all a favor and keep doing that; keep being an inspiration, keep being YOU.


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Neglected Flower

Sometimes in life we forget to care for things, or people, that should’ve been under our watchful eye all along. We neglect them. It’s also a very common human behavior that, once we realize that something or someone is gone, we want to do anything in our power to have what’s lost back, start over again.

But life has already made other plans and what we neglect becomes a lost case.

You can’t revive a flower once it’s dead; you can’t make a hurting soul love you when you’re the reason of its pain. Things must be cared for while they’re still alive. Once they’re gone, it’ll take a miracle to revive.

Take care of your flowers.

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A Life – For You, For Me

Live. Free, like birds. No rules. Open path, leading to a world unknown to me, to anyone. Living is already a risk. What’s one more try at something extraordinary going to do? Trying is always better than not.

Sing to a powerful song. Listen to a loud tune. Dance to a wild beat. So good for the soul. Imagine a world violence-free. It could be. Doing whatever I please. In peace; with the world, with you, with me.

Pulling in different directions, but in coordination. Oh what a wonderful life it would be. A life lived by me and only me. No other traffic controllers directing it from every angle. As it should be. For you, for me.

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Time Doesn’t Slow Down

I saw a clock turn time today;
it was quick and sharp.
From seven to eight
the colon blinked once.

A rarity it is
to catch the clock doing time
Because, even though it’s its job,
it is too fast for the eye.

Perhaps that’s my fascination,
we never see eye to eye;
me being the late-runner I am,
time doesn’t think that I try

To move at the pace it requires to
make it to dinner by nine.

So today looking at it for once,
actually, so many times,
I smirked, stared and wondered;
so this is how time goes by.



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What Was It? – a Poem

The clues were always there;
I just never knew how to read.

Now trying to solve the mystery

I get confused in the mix.

Was it the heat of the summer?

Perhaps your inquisitive ear?

Was it your puppy eyes begging for me to come near?

Was it your persistence, the wordless words you spoke?

Maybe your tender smile,

hiding a million thoughts?

What was it?

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High Five


For finding the courage to let go
of weaknesses however benign;
thoughts of cake? Cigarettes?
Drugs? Or maybe wine?
High five!

For getting your degree
against all odds
and rubbing it in the face of those
who said you wouldn’t get jobs.
High five!

For working out every day
until seeing the results you wanted
feeling confident in your own skin
knowing every effort counted.
High five!

For spilling your hot drink
on some loser’s shirt
who polluted you over and over
with the same f*cking dirt.
High five!

For taking initiative
to talk to that cute guy
ignoring the things they say
that women shouldn’t try.
High five!

For proving that age is nothing
but an excuse and a number,
that any man or woman can be conquered
as long as you’re a good lover.
High five!

For the time you thought you’d wasted
waiting on the wrong person
but the end turned out to be
the best of all versions.
High five!

For letting go of a love
that did nothing but hurt
because deep down you knew
it was not what you deserved.
High five!

For wearing black
when the rest of the world wore white;
bathing suits in the winter,
turtle necks in July.
High five!

For taking the negative
out of your positive life
and starting over again
the hardest of all fights.
High five!

For grabbing karma by the hair
when she said you deserved it,
turning the tables around
for peace of mind, you’ve earned it.
High five!

For keeping your head up
in spite of your despair
strong people like you
are beautiful and rare.
High five!

For supporting indie artists
in this world of heavy weights
for your loyalty and commitment
helping end the impossibility debate.
High five!


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Christmas Lights

I came to a stop, a traffic light
And saw you shining
Bright, you million lights
Looking like a dream, you blew my mind
Couldn’t have missed you even if blind.
Wrapped around bushes and branches,
Windows and doors,
You bring bliss and glee
that passersby adore.
Oh, Christmas lights
Light up my way on cloudy nights.

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