Winter in Ibiza

Ibiza off-season. The end.

No, really, that should be the whole story. Nothing goes on in Ibiza in January — I think this picture was taken around January two years ago. Some bars and restaurants by the beach stay open, but very few people visit. It was a ghost town with just enough tourists to keep it alive.

Despite it being so dead, it was much warmer than it was in Castile La Mancha, Spain, which is where I was living when I visited Ibiza, and definitely much warmer than it was in the US East Coast at the time. Looking at this picture reminds me how desperately I needed to feel the heat of summer. It was all I wanted. I believe that week temperatures were in the high 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Ibiza. It was lovely. Sitting there in the sun, breathing the fresh ocean air, looking at the beautiful blue Mediterranean sea with a refreshing cocktail in hand, while everyone back home whined and moaned about the snow…

Now it’s my time to suffer the bitter cold. Until next time, Ibiza.

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The Giant Flower Dog

This humongous flower dog’s name is “Puppy” and it sits outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. It’s a work of art by artist Jeff Koons, built around 1992. The sculpture is made up of stainless steel, soil, and flowering plants. But at a first glance, it looks as though it is all flowers. What’s even more impressive is its size; approximately 40 feet tall.

I looked at it for a few, wondering how they put it all together.

The stick figure you see in the picture posing next to Puppy, that’s me; almost disappeared in its presence. When I first saw it, I thought it was “oh so Spaniard” before I learned the artist is actually from Pennsylvania. And I don’t mean it in a condescending way — no way! By a Spaniard thing I refer to the type of art that I think is prevalent around many Spanish cities — sculptures of animals, kids and nature.

It had been raining nonstop that afternoon, but luckily it was just drizzling by the time I walked out and I was able to snap this pic (and a few more). This is one of the better ones — its head is cut off in others. (Shitty camera.) I was also trying to get a pic without people standing around, photobombing me, which was nearly impossible as it is one of the main attractions at the museum.

There’s so much we forget from our travels…until we look at pictures. I love pictures, so long live photography! AND long live art!

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Overly Excited Baby

This is my nephew, Rony Jr. a.k.a. Pipito a.k.a. Pito. When he was about one year old (he’s three now), he was a little celebrity. Family would literally gather around him to see him put on a show. All through these years, I’ve taken a plethora of pics of Pito in which he’s doing nothing but being silly.

In this particular picture though, he was being genuinely excited to be posing with my (worn-out) sun glasses. I asked him to pose for a photo as I was leaving and he more than gladly agreed. Pito stood still by the door, holding his pose until the shutter of the camera went flick! But the glasses were loose on him and they were falling, so he raised his little hands as though to catch them, just as I snapped the pic.

He has grated cheese all over his mouth because his mom was feeding him when I disrupted the moment. So cute! 🙂 It is one of my favorite pictures of my nephew Pito. I think I’ve shared it enough times online by now, but I wanted to share it once more. He’s no longer the center of attention — his little sister runs the show now — but he’s still a little entertainer.

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Sippy Cups

If you thought sippy cups were exclusively for babies, you must’ve never been to a Broadway show. That is if you’re a drinker, of course. The adult sippy cups have become a real thing at Broadway theaters.

This isn’t a picture from my first time at a Broadway show — it’s from last year when I saw Wicked. But I’m still very much amused by this idea that I had to snap one. Drinking wine out of a sippy cup isn’t too chic and it may feel kind of awkward drinking alcohol from it. Plus, wine doesn’t even taste the same in this plastic thing.

On this particular time I had a cocktail…in a sippy cup. Interesting. I added a straw, also. Weird. Oh, and did I mention how ridiculously overpriced drinks are — I mean, to be drunk in a sippy cup? Come on! You’d be better off skipping the long line, too.

I could probably make it through the show without a drink. In fact, last time I had a bottle of water. I’m working on that…

The positive is that at least this tactic prevents people from spilling drinks all over the person sitting next to them, which could be you!  Disaster. I guess it’s not a terrible idea after all? It’s just funny.

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Neon Lights

Sometimes, we enjoy the moment so much that we want to capture every minute of it. But flicking every minute of it would blow up our memory cards. So we take the ones that would tell a story. I think that’s why we do it…because everyone likes a good story.

I look at all the pictures I’ve taken and think that one day I’ll be short of storage. When/if that happens, then it’ll happen. But for now, I don’t want to forget these moments, nor do I want to forget the “invisible” people in the picture. The “behind the scenes.” I thought I’d add a little section to this blog called “What’s The Story?” where I will share the (short) story behind certain interesting pictures.

I will start out with this one. ^

Not an appealing photo, but it doesn’t have to be. Not my favorite photo, but the story, it is. I was having dinner with one of my best friends last night and we sat next to a table of about 20 women — 20 much older women (they looked like they were maybe in their late 40’s and 60’s). They were loud. They were wild. They had energy for days!

My first thought: well, damn…they look like too much fun for their age. How I wish my mom let loose like them. One of the ladies turned out to be my friend’s mother’s neighbor, so we chatted for a while at the end of the night. Apparently, they’re all longtime friends and they get together for dinner every month. Every month, and they’ve been doing it for the past 10 years or so. Amazing.

Well, these ladies were fun and funny as hell. I don’t know where the hell the blinking “nipples” came from — the two neon green and blue lights can be seen through my shirt in the picture. But suddenly, while my friend was taking a picture of me, they suggested I posed with the blinking nipples on. I obeyed. You do not want to come off as a boring lifeless younger woman next to wild older ones!

Then, as my friend was about to take the picture, two of the women shouted “Do a Miley Cyrus!” “Yeah, stick your tongue out!” Again — as much as I despise the Cyrus trend — I obeyed. And how do they even know about that?! Ha ha. Anyhow, now I have a laughing crowd gathered around to watch me as my tongue hangs out and my erect neon nipples glow, all while flashing a smile from ear to ear. I don’t know if it was the wine, but I thought it was the funniest sh*t ever — and I got it on camera (part of it).

I like the story of this picture because it reminds me of those women, who were full of life. They are proof that aging is not an excuse to not go out there and have fun. It’s also a reminder of friendship. Friendships can last forever if fed well.

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