Everlasting Memories

Memories are everything. I don’t think I appreciated the memories of the good times I’ve had with my loved ones as much as I do today. They’re everything to me. When I think about it, I just want to re-live those moments.

Sometimes, I’m lying in bed, dead tired and ready to pass out, when suddenly I burst out laughing. And I mean laughing my ass off (alone) as if I were there again. I know; it makes me sound like a crazy woman. But I’m having a lot of flashbacks as of lately—makes me wonder if life is trying to tell me something—and if there’s ever any doubt from my part that I didn’t have the time of my life, these memories remind me just how much I’ve lived my life, how much fun I’ve had.

This is why it’s so important to live life as if you were to die tomorrow, people; just enjoy life, have fun, and don’t forget to laugh! Do the things that you want to do. For all the memories that come back to us later, we want to make sure they’re worth remembering.


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