How to Dance Like Nobody is Watching

What is it about dancing that make so many people cringe? “Not drunk enough,” some would say. It may surprise you, but you don’t need alcohol to dance; dancing itself is adrenaline and pure bliss. You just have to get that adrenaline activated, baby!

First of all, in the narcissistic world we live in today, it’s hard to believe that so many people are still so afraid to get up and dance confidently in front of a crowd. Every time I go to a party and see an empty floor, I just shake my head, roll my eyes and palm-face. Okay, maybe I don’t do all that. But I ask myself why, if dancing is so much fun! You’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe some weight). If you think you can’t dance, it is still not good enough reason to avoid the dance floor — practice makes perfect.

The hardest part when you’re self-conscious, or completely sober, is probably getting up on a lonely dance floor. All eyes are on you because people like a show. But once you’re up there, by the second or third song, adrenaline kicks in. You might not even need that [enter your drink of choice] anymore.

The world is vast and dance types, it has many. It’s totally okay to come up with your own moves. Dancing like no one is watching means you’re really enjoying yourself, with your heart in it, and you don’t have a care in the world about what people think. How do you do that? Here are some quick tips.

Build confidence

Confidence is everything for any kind of performance, so the very first thing you will need to do is work on your self-esteem. You have to tell yourself that you already are a dancer and you have to believe it. I know people are judgmental as hell and they’ll laugh if your dance moves don’t meet the “standard,” but who gives a sh*t? Dance is an art form, and art, we know, is subjective. It is about expressing yourself! There is no unique universal way of dancing; you can dance however you want. It’s your style. Own it!

You might be a great dancer, too, but your social anxiety is powerful and it takes over. One wrong move and you’re dead, you think. I know because I’ve been there. Well, spoiler alert: no one dies. It can take a while for you to free yourself, but you have to give it a little push, too. By the way, people may not even notice you on the floor, so stop being so self-conscious.

Take a dance class here and there

You can start out by going to small dance classes if you are too scared of the big crowds. Classes can help you loosen up and feel more comfortable as you move. It’s also a good way to meet people with similar interests in the process. The more dancing connections you make the better. Being around other dancers will make you feel at home. I used to attend classes at my local gym. It was not an official dance school, but they had dance classes and it was a lot of fun. Keeping yourself involved in dancing helps you go at it with more ease the next time you’re at a party, nightclub or whatever. Check your community — some places offer free classes. Google is a good place to start.

Love dancing

Of course, having appreciation for the art of dancing is muy importante! Have you ever noticed how some people look like they’re having the worst time of their lives on the dance floor, as if someone were holding an invisible gun to their head? They may know how to move, but might just look totally uninterested. Yeah, try not to look like one of those people — you’ve got to want to dance! You have to love dancing! Otherwise, the magic is lost. Free yourself. One of the main elements of dancing like no one is watching is being able to lose yourself in the trance.

You’ve got to love music

Music and dance go hand in hand. Certainly, there are some people who don’t need any music or sound to do the cha-cha, for instance. But historically, music beats have played a major role in developing the many different types of dances. Let’s not get into the various classifications of dances and their history, but it’s worth noting that many tribes around the world dance to simple chants or mantras, and they seem to enjoy the hell out of it. That’s dancing with the heart.

In Western cultures we dance with music mainly, so it helps to learn to appreciate all music types.

That’s it for now. Remember these tips next time you’re out there thinking all eyes are on you.

Dancing is about having fun. Try to find your style and master it. Once your mood and confidence is set to the beat, performing comes effortlessly. You’ve got to believe in yourself. Don’t worry about the multitude around you because, chances are, they are not worried about you either. Just focus on the music, close your eyes (or don’t), and let your soul be free. Only then will you be able to dance like nobody’s watching.

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