If You Are in a Shell, This Should Help

Probably the best video I’ve seen in a while. Incredible artistic interpretation and narrative. Incredible to me because I can relate in every single way. Really, I thought I was listening to my very own story, but so beautifully put. I used to be painfully shy as a teenager. Like Harry, I loved dancing and in it I found my way out of the shell. Slowly, but surely. When I was on stage — performing whatever dances I myself choreographed for the community —  my anxiety would go away, even if temporarily. But the message is not just for dancers; it’s the story that has been told by so many, so many times, and everyone can learn something from it.

If you’re still in a shell, I hope stories like these can help crack it open, knowing that you’re not alone. And trust me, it’s amazing once you’re finally free. Yay for art!

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