It Was Nice Living You, 2013

At times, difficult. Undoubtedly challenging…until the very end. That was my year. But with bits of immense moments of happiness scattered all around.

With each experience I lived, my mind expanded a little more. Each moment taught me something new and helped me relearn forgotten old little things. I hold the memories dear to my heart because, good or bad, they all contributed to this; the continuous shaping of my life.

Some of my new year’s goals are still the same as last year’s, but with renewed energy. I can’t wait to keep doing what I breathe for. I will keep chasing my dreams, and maybe get to do other things I should have been doing long ago.

One thing that became my motto towards the end of 2013 — one of the forgotten little things — is that you should never give up on your passions for fear of disappointing or losing someone. Passions remain, and it may hurt later on if not ignited. But people…people come and go into your life, and they change. Something to think about.

I hope that whatever dreams you wish to realize in 2014, you do so with all your heart.

Wishing everyone only the very best and some good old-fashioned peace and love! Have an amazing New Year!



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