My problem with Marijuana

My argument about Marijuana is so weak I’ve given up arguing. It’s one that I wouldn’t win in the court of law, but one that I stand by strongly. It was all over the news yesterday that Uruguay had become the first country to legalize the free use of it and I couldn’t help but think about the many times I tried to challenge my friends on this subject — I was against its legalization.

Well, without getting into the details of what I thought of it before, my only real problem with this substance is its horrible smell. It makes me gag! I’ve never smoked, but I’ve second-handedly inhaled it enough times to know how sick to my stomach it makes me feel.

If they ever legalized it in this country, it’d be awesome if people at least were thoughtful of others and handled their business indoors, inside their property, or went outside when at bars, etc. Just like cigarette smoke, not everyone enjoys it.

So, yeah, that’s my “strongest” opposition right now. Told you it was weak! Just as long as people don’t come near me when smoking, I don’t really care for its legal status.

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