Overly Excited Baby

This is my nephew, Rony Jr. a.k.a. Pipito a.k.a. Pito. When he was about one year old (he’s three now), he was a little celebrity. Family would literally gather around him to see him put on a show. All through these years, I’ve taken a plethora of pics of Pito in which he’s doing nothing but being silly.

In this particular picture though, he was being genuinely excited to be posing with my (worn-out) sun glasses. I asked him to pose for a photo as I was leaving and he more than gladly agreed. Pito stood still by the door, holding his pose until the shutter of the camera went flick! But the glasses were loose on him and they were falling, so he raised his little hands as though to catch them, just as I snapped the pic.

He has grated cheese all over his mouth because his mom was feeding him when I disrupted the moment. So cute! 🙂 It is one of my favorite pictures of my nephew Pito. I think I’ve shared it enough times online by now, but I wanted to share it once more. He’s no longer the center of attention — his little sister runs the show now — but he’s still a little entertainer.

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