Inner Cheerleader

Sometimes nothing and no one can lift our spirits. Our inner cheerleader may also go into hiding.

But he or she is there, somewhere, and perhaps for respect of your every emotion it has taken a step back. Don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t come right back.
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Are we setting the bar too high?

Do the perfect friends even exist?

Here’s a million questions with no answers:

Everybody’s got flaws. I mean, we’re not perfect, why should we be demanding perfection? Is it better to settle for an imperfect friend than no friend? Do we think this way because we’ve become conformists, or is it realists? How do we even deal with the concept of “good” friendships? When is a friend crossing the line? (I think I know the answer to that one.) Should they be allowed in our lives once they cross the line?

Here’s what I think: find the balance. No, I really don’t know. I’m just another human being trying to find the answers to my questions, trying to make the right decisions. Going with the flow because I don’t know where to go. Life can be so heavy. A decent human being to call friend is not too much to ask.

Just a thought.

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Like last night

I could hold your hand
while you kiss my face
Slowly giving in
to temptation.

Like last night,
you could come over
and steal a kiss.
Forget about the world;
just you and me.

Make it sweet,
make it worthwhile.
Two bodies in flame,
could be a while.

Touch you again and
kiss passionately
through the night.
Won’t you make me feel right,
like last night?

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Heart for Sale

Wounded heart for sale.
It’s stopped believing,
but it’s still huge and caring.
May fall in love easily,
but at times is incapable of loving.
It is wounded and it aches,
but still beating.
Fragile: please treat with care.

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Despite it All

Despite your insensitivity,
Despite your blatant pride,
Despite your disregard for people’s feelings,
Despite your incapability to admit your faults,
Despite your genuine belief that the world should bow to you,
Despite the backstabbing,
Despite it all,
I miss us.

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