Sippy Cups

If you thought sippy cups were exclusively for babies, you must’ve never been to a Broadway show. That is if you’re a drinker, of course. The adult sippy cups have become a real thing at Broadway theaters.

This isn’t a picture from my first time at a Broadway show — it’s from last year when I saw Wicked. But I’m still very much amused by this idea that I had to snap one. Drinking wine out of a sippy cup isn’t too chic and it may feel kind of awkward drinking alcohol from it. Plus, wine doesn’t even taste the same in this plastic thing.

On this particular time I had a cocktail…in a sippy cup. Interesting. I added a straw, also. Weird. Oh, and did I mention how ridiculously overpriced drinks are — I mean, to be drunk in a sippy cup? Come on! You’d be better off skipping the long line, too.

I could probably make it through the show without a drink. In fact, last time I had a bottle of water. I’m working on that…

The positive is that at least this tactic prevents people from spilling drinks all over the person sitting next to them, which could be you!  Disaster. I guess it’s not a terrible idea after all? It’s just funny.

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