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Every day week, I’ll tweet a Spanish word or phrase with its English equivalent or definition. If you miss it, most of those words or phrases will be posted here for reference. It’s a free daily Spanish lesson from me to you. 🙂 Happy learning!

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Spanish Word of the Day

Como Pedro por su casa – (Usually it is used to mean that someone acts as if they own or know a place they’ve never been to very well and make themselves at home.)

Tener algo entre ceja y ceja – (To be dead set on something or someone / Keeping an eye on something or someone)

Dar en el clavo [acertar] – (To guess right; Hit the nail on the head)

¡A vivir, que son dos días! – (Live it up, life is short)

Autodidacta – (Self-taught)

Cantar las cuarenta – (Scold someone; “Tell them a thing or two”)

A flor de piel – (Skin-deep/On edge/Intense obvious emotions)

A la fuerza ahorcan – (Doing something only because no other choice)

El pan de cada día – (Daily bread; Regular food needed for sustenance)

Amigo por correspondencia – (Pen pal)

Arrimar el hombro – (Help out; “Lend a hand”)

Andar con rodeos – (Purposely avoid or wast time before talking or delivering a message; Beat around the bush)

A diestro y siniestro – (All over the place; “Left and right”)

Ahorro de luz diurna / Horario de verano – (Daylight-saving)

Más buscados [criminal] – (Most wanted)

Aguar la fiesta – (Spoil the fun; Rain on someone’s parade)

Dar luz verde [autorizar] – ([fig.; Green light/Go ahead)

Ir al grano – (Get to the point; “Cut to the chase”)

Un cuento chino – (A hard to believe tale; Cock-and-bull story)

Desgracia compartida, menos sentida – (Sharing your sorrows with someone can make you feel better)

De lo perdido saca lo que puedas. – (Make the best of a bad situation)

No hay mal que por bien no venga – (Every cloud has a silver lining)

Hay pájaros en el alambre – (Others may be listening/The walls have ears)

A otro perro con ese hueso – (“Yeah, right”/Go try to fool someone else)

Al mal paso darle prisa – (Get it over and done with)

La vida sedentaria – (Couch potato lifestyle)

A donde te quieren mucho no vayas a menudo. – (A constant guest is never welcomed)

Consejo no pedido, consejo mal oído. – (Never give unsolicited advice)

La vida sigue su curso – (Life goes on)

Pionero de la moda – (Trend setter)

Alta mar – (Far from the coast; the high seas, open sea)

Las apariencias engañan – (Looks can be deceiving/Beauty is but skin-deep)

Turbar – (Disturb)

Veracidad – (Truthfulness)

Imbécil – (Moron/Idiot)

Ingenua(o) – (Person with lack of wisdom; Naive)

Oftalmología – (Branch of medicine dealing with the eye; Ophthalmology)

Cuando menos piensa el galgo, salta la liebre – (Things happen when we least expect them)

Prever – (Foresee / Anticipate)

Idolatría – (Worship of a god / Idolatry)

Petardo – (Firecracker)

Asunto urgente – (Pressing matter)

No hables mal del puente hasta haber cruzado el río – (Know before you judge)

Pintoresco – (Picturesque/Colorful/Eccentric)

Anticonceptivos – (Birth control; Contraceptives)

Carga – (Load/Charge/Figuratively: Burden)

Carencia – (Lack/Shortage)

Ojo por ojo, diente por diente – (EqFigurativelyual punishment; An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth)

Caudal – (Volume/Flow [river])

No hay peor ciego que el que no quiere ver – (Blinded/To be in denial)

Sabiduría – (Wisdom/Knowledge

Quisquilloso – (Finicky/Picky [eater])

Crepúsculo – (Twilight hours/Dusk)

Convivir – (Live together; Coexist)

Tinieblas – (Darkness/Dark/Obscurity)

Quien a buen árbol se arrima, buena sombra le cobija – (Surround yourself with good/important people)

Anochecer – (Nightfall / Dusk)

Reconciliarse – (Make up / Reconcile)

Día del padre – (Father’s Day)

Quien mucho abarca, poco aprieta – (To try to do more than you’re able to)

Mundial de Fútbol / El mundial / Copa del mundo – (World Cup)

Timón – (Helm/Rudder/Steering wheel)

Prevaricar – (Consciously misinform the public /Fail to act)

Tomar las cosas a pecho – (Take things seriously; Take things to heart)

Dañino – (Harmful/Dangerous)

Aguacero – (Downpour / Rain shower)

Tórrido – (Scorching hot / Steamy)

Agridulce – (Bittersweet)

Maléfico – (Evil; Maleficent)

De poeta y loco, todos tenemos un poco. – (We have all been fools once in our lives)

Harto – (Jaded/Tired of something)

Desistir – (Give up / Cease)

Lanzar/Tirar – (Toss / Throw away)

Salado – (Literally: Salty; Figurative.: Jinxed / Unlucky)

A la estela de / A raíz de… – (In wake of…)

Hacer sentir culpable – (Attempt to make someone feel guilty; Guilt trip)

Día de los caídos – (Memorial Day)

Ser un dolor de cabeza / Ser un fastidio – (To be a pain in the ass)

Ser un manojo de nervios – (Be a nervous wreck)

Travieso – (Naughty / Mischievous)

Fósforo / Cerilla – (Match [fire] )

El tiempo lo cura todo – (Time heals all wounds)

Con la vara que midas, serás medido – (You’ll be judged in the same way you judge others)

Intrépido – (Bold/Fearless)

Persevera y triunfarás – (Persevere; If at first you don’t succeed, try again)

Esquivar – (Dodge/Avoid)

Buen(a) mozo(a) – (Good-looking)

¡No me digas! – (Expresses disbelief; “No way!”)

Inalcanzable – (Unattainable)

Como aguja en un pajar – (Like a needle in a haystack)

Lo que por agua viene, por agua se va – (Easy come, easy go)

Secuestrar – (Abduct/Kidnap)

¡Ojo! – (Literally: Eye; figuratively: “Look out!”)

Otra vez la burra al trigo – (Repeatedly say something; Here we go again)

Menso – (Dumb person / Idiot)

Travesti – (Transvestite)

Se pilla al mentirosos antes que al cojo – (The truth always comes out)

Denigración / Deshumanización – (Objectification [of women/human being])

¡Menudo rollo! – (What a pain)

Mirar el lado positive – (To look at the bright side)

Alma en pena – (Lost soul)

Novato – (Novice/ Rookie)

Huevo de Pascua – (Easter egg)

De noche todos los gatos son pardos. – (All looks the same in the dark / Appearance doesn’t matter in the dark)

Espina – (Thorn)

Ten por seguro… – (Rest assured…)

Sangriento – (Bloody)

Moribunda(o) – (Dying person/Crumbling)

Del árbol caído, todos hacen leña – (Knocking somebody when they’re already down)

No dejar camino por vereda – (Don’t leave a real thing for uncertainty)

Vereda – (Sidewalk)

Incertidumbre – (Uncertainty / Doubt)

Comején – (Termite)

Más vale pájaro en mano que cien volando. – (A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.)

Obsequio – (Gift/Present)

Hay mucho más donde elegir – (There are plenty more fish in the sea)

Rebotar – (Bounce)

Contraseña – (Password)

Amor no correspondido, tiempo perdido. – (To love in vain is a pain/waste of time)

Atroz – (Heinous / Awful)

Pudiente – (Well-off)

Ya que estamos en el baile, bailemos. – (Might as well go all the way)

Rabiosa(o) – (Rabid/Wild/Frenzied)

Si te he visto, ya no me acuerdo – (Long absent, soon forgotten)

Polémica – (Controversy/Argumentative)

Entremetido – (Meddlesome/Snooper)

Obra de común, obra de ningún. – (Too many cooks spoil the broth”)

Ruiseñor – (Songbird/Nightingale)

Trabajador independiente / autónomo – (Self-employed / Freelancer)

Tibio – (Lukewarm)

A donde el corazón se inclina, el pie camina. – (Follow your heart/Home is where the heart is)

Saint Patrick’s Day – (Día de San Patricio)


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