Rain, Rain, Don’t Go Away

love the rain

We don’t have to wish it away for it often brings renewed thoughts and stems. Sure it’s already autumn and you’d rather see the leaves fall than rain drops cause frizz and chaos. The streets filled with fast-moving folks looking for shelter for their unadventurous souls.

Fire can burn, but rain; rain is my friend.

There’s no more comforting, inspiring sound or view to me than the rain on my window pane. It can be overwhelming — with homesickness, reminiscence, warmth, motivation, happiness and nostalgia all hitting at once. But, it is the best mood setter. (Just don’t ask me to drive places.) Remix it with the sound of an acoustic guitar and, I am going nowhere. Dear rain, you can stay.

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Warm Stream

It comes at night and its warmth burns my eyes
as it falls it leaves a mark
when I no longer hear yours but my own breath.
Deep inside no one knows
what I’m feeling, this feeling
what I’m wishing, this wish,
if only it were a dream
wake up to new eyes.
At night when all is dark, I open my eyes
to nothing but a feeling,
the feel of a warm stream
coming down my eyes.

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I hate this feeling
I know what it means.
It’s haunted me times before,
It overpowers me.

It’s bittersweet
It’s everything but what it needs to be.
The end is near, I feel it
I’m so bad at this.

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