Moments – Making the Best of It

I remember the day. Spontaneity was in the air. Sky, bright. Sun, a delight. What a laugh we had. Then, the rain came down and, instead of running from it, we ran towards it. We stayed. We played with it, and we went through it. Because waiting for the storm to pass was not an option. But once it stopped, we appreciated the sun even more because we understood how short-lived bliss can be; that life happens in a flash and it doesn’t wait for you, but you can adapt to the season. And, as cliché as it can be, you can indeed make the best of it.

Seize the day.

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Define el Dolor / Define Pain

A veces el dolor perdura
mucho después de
haberse cerrado la herida.
¿Qué duele más,
la herida física o la emocional?

Sometimes the pain sticks around
long after
the injury has closed.
What’s more painful,
physical or emotional injury?

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