And Just When You Thought Your Eating Habit Was Bad

A thought comes to mind.


One day (last night) I had cereal for dinner. The next day (today), I had a banana and a cup of tea for breakfast; a plain lactose-full cheese sandwich with a cup of milk for lunch; and then, for dinner, a few chicken finger strips. That’s not gourmet, but it’s all right. It’s just that it is the worst series of meals I’ve had in a long time.

I thought, what am I doing disrupting my diet like that? Back-to-back. Then reality hit me: some people follow no regimen because they have nothing to eat at all.

Those of us who have the luxury to be selective with what we eat sometimes forget how lucky we are. You can’t punish yourself for having access to all sorts of foods, nutritious food, while some people starve. It’s not your fault. But I think it helps you to stay grounded and in touch with reality when you consider where you stand.
Maybe it’s the hopeless compassionate being in me, but I’m always thinking of the less fortunate when someone complains about what they ate or when someone leaves a crazy amount of leftovers on their plate — I hate seeing it go to waste.

As for me, I like staying on top of my game health-wise. I’ve skipped a few good meals due to nothing but laziness (and then there’s also the fact that I can’t cook). I’m one of those “freaks” who must eat right to feel well, physically and emotionally. That’s my only concern. But it takes only a simple thought to bring me down to Earth because, when I think of the world’s disadvantaged and how I’ll have access to a hot plate the minute I decide to go grocery shopping, I know I’m going to survive.

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It is Okay to be a Realist

Realism and darkness are two qualities that a lot of artists possess, and it can be seen not just in their work, but also in their everyday life. I think I’m one of them. I like to call it as it is. But this is “bad,” according to some people. Society is obsessed with positivity (in a weird way) because, obviously and understandably, it makes the human spirit feel good. However, for the unrealistic “positive thinkers,” anyone who ever dares to bring up reality is immediately labeled as “negative.” I understand that reality sometimes sucks, but it doesn’t mean we should ignore it. We live in it and if anyone thinks it’s not worth the thought, they’re living in denial. Just because anger isn’t pleasant, are we supposed to not ever express that human emotion? We can challenge it all we want, but it’ll be inevitable.

And calling things for what they are does not make a person a “negative nancy.”

That is exactly the problem with a lot of people (like Hollywood superstars); they’re missing a drop of reality in their lives. They are the kind of people to whom shit happens and then they wonder what went wrong or how it was possible. Go figure…

People want to feel optimistic about things. I want that, too. But it’s also okay to anticipate different outcomes and possibilities. It’s okay to prepare our minds and hearts for possible undesirable results.

If the outcome of something is positive — awesome! If it’s negative, you’re not too disappointed in the end either. This philosophy has worked for me all my life, so why divert now.

Again, I think positivity is great; it’s the “floating on clouds and rainbows while riding unicorns, and looking down on people who think differently” way of thinking of some people that drives me a bit crazy — and it makes me wonder why it is that people credit unrealistic positivity more than realistic reality. Being a realist is okay, people. Life isn’t composed of just one type of feeling. It is not about one thing; it’s a million different things.

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Are we setting the bar too high?

Do the perfect friends even exist?

Here’s a million questions with no answers:

Everybody’s got flaws. I mean, we’re not perfect, why should we be demanding perfection? Is it better to settle for an imperfect friend than no friend? Do we think this way because we’ve become conformists, or is it realists? How do we even deal with the concept of “good” friendships? When is a friend crossing the line? (I think I know the answer to that one.) Should they be allowed in our lives once they cross the line?

Here’s what I think: find the balance. No, I really don’t know. I’m just another human being trying to find the answers to my questions, trying to make the right decisions. Going with the flow because I don’t know where to go. Life can be so heavy. A decent human being to call friend is not too much to ask.

Just a thought.

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