The Giant Flower Dog

This humongous flower dog’s name is “Puppy” and it sits outside the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain. It’s a work of art by artist Jeff Koons, built around 1992. The sculpture is made up of stainless steel, soil, and flowering plants. But at a first glance, it looks as though it is all flowers. What’s even more impressive is its size; approximately 40 feet tall.

I looked at it for a few, wondering how they put it all together.

The stick figure you see in the picture posing next to Puppy, that’s me; almost disappeared in its presence. When I first saw it, I thought it was “oh so Spaniard” before I learned the artist is actually from Pennsylvania. And I don’t mean it in a condescending way — no way! By a Spaniard thing I refer to the type of art that I think is prevalent around many Spanish cities — sculptures of animals, kids and nature.

It had been raining nonstop that afternoon, but luckily it was just drizzling by the time I walked out and I was able to snap this pic (and a few more). This is one of the better ones — its head is cut off in others. (Shitty camera.) I was also trying to get a pic without people standing around, photobombing me, which was nearly impossible as it is one of the main attractions at the museum.

There’s so much we forget from our travels…until we look at pictures. I love pictures, so long live photography! AND long live art!

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