We Want Some Booze

I saw this picture at a bar the other day and thought, wait a minute, I haven’t heard of this one yet. Turns out I have — just not by number.  I always knew it as the “Prohibition era.” The picture is of a license plate (not sure if original) demanding the repeal of the 18th Amendment of the US Constitution, which prohibited the production, transportation, and sale of alcoholic beverages in the US.

(Can you believe alcohol was ever illegal?)

So we probably had a pretty sober America for a whole decade, huh. How did people handle the rough winters?! I know about speakeasies — illegal liquor stores / bars from the Prohibition era — because I go to locations that call themselves that name today, I guess as a retro theme. I love those places! Truth is people will always find a way, just like they do today with drugs. That’s why speakeasy establishments were quite popular.

Some of the photos and satirical images from the Prohibition era are hilarious because, other than getting back the right to consume whatever they wanted, people really just wanted their booze. Like this one:

Men march in the name of beer
Men march in the name of beer

Hey, I would’ve been right there with them! (If I weren’t a woman in the 1920’s.)

To think that it was illegal back then, is crazy. I’m sure 30 years or so from now we’re going to look back at some of the laws and prejudices we have today and laugh. It’s funny to see these sort of things now…at a 21st century bar.

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