Who The Hell Am I – A Poem

This is yet another identity post. I often wonder, you see…

“American” is broad, so I won’t go there
Dominican by birth, but people don’t care.
They think I’m Cubana, sometimes Colombiana
Puerto Rican, Brazilian, even Peruana.

In my grandpa’s blood, Asian; in my grandma’s, French
African for sure; Spain brought in the slaves.
“What the hell am I” I’ve wondered for years
My last name I traced, it is European.

Taíno, Mestizo; the terms now seem odd
History has played a role, and full-blood we are not.
But Multiracial is beautiful, a wonderful world,
I can straighten my hair or wear it curled.

Literature and music, the influence is high
Bilingualism and multiculturalism; a blessing in disguise.
My genealogy intrigues me, it kills me, I’ll admit
NAT Geo should give me a free DNA Kit.

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