Why I Write a Spanish Word a Day

For over a year, I have been using my Twitter and Facebook platforms to publish a daily Spanish word or phrase with its English equivalent.

I don’t know exactly what audience it reaches, but some friends and strangers have acknowledged my daily post and it seems that they like it. I’m obviously happy to hear that a few people look forward to my posts because that was the goal.

The reason that I came up with this semi Spanish vocabulary list is because, as a translator, I am in frequent touch with the language and a lot of times I come across words that I myself don’t know or that I had forgotten. I love languages in general, but I really love my native language, Spanish, and I never want to not be able to speak it properly. So, I thought it would be nice to make note of some of those words as a reminder. Also, they might be very useful to other people.

Living in a country which official language is not Spanish — even though Spanish is huge in the US due to its Hispanic population— it is easy to lose the fluency if not used regularly.

By posting a Spanish vocabulary of random words, I am not only helping others learn a word a day, but I am also helping myself keep up with my own vocabulary. It’s a win-win.

In addition to learning, I decided to do this daily post to draw traffic to my website and my services. I am an independent Spanish translator and writer, and I think it is a good way for people to find me. As anyone who owns a website probably knows, traffic matters, especially when you’re indie and a no-name. 🙁 (No worries, hard work always pays off!)

How do I choose the Spanish word or Spanish expression of the day?

Most of the time, it is completely random. It could be based on works I am doing at the time, conversations, readings, or based on the occasion.

I may schedule the words in advance to be published at one o’clock in the afternoon every day or I may post it on the spot, the same day, it depends… But I hope more people continue to find it useful!

¡Gracias por leer, amigos!


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