Winter in Ibiza

Ibiza off-season. The end.

No, really, that should be the whole story. Nothing goes on in Ibiza in January — I think this picture was taken around January two years ago. Some bars and restaurants by the beach stay open, but very few people visit. It was a ghost town with just enough tourists to keep it alive.

Despite it being so dead, it was much warmer than it was in Castile La Mancha, Spain, which is where I was living when I visited Ibiza, and definitely much warmer than it was in the US East Coast at the time. Looking at this picture reminds me how desperately I needed to feel the heat of summer. It was all I wanted. I believe that week temperatures were in the high 70 degrees Fahrenheit in Ibiza. It was lovely. Sitting there in the sun, breathing the fresh ocean air, looking at the beautiful blue Mediterranean sea with a refreshing cocktail in hand, while everyone back home whined and moaned about the snow…

Now it’s my time to suffer the bitter cold. Until next time, Ibiza.

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