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Dante Casanova
is a short story that had been in the works for some time and it’s finally available on Amazon, iBooks, and most reading devices! I don’t believe it falls under one specific genre; it’s brief prose — a little contemporary romance, a little drama, a little women’s fiction… I hope you enjoy it! (Read book description below.)

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When recent college graduate Adriana Ruffo realizes that her professional and love life are not going as planned, she declares it ‘a catastrophe’ and decides that, for once, it is time to let her hair down. She meets Dante — a popular young visual artist living in Los Angeles — on a night out in New York City and the two hit it off.

Adriana’s beauty and personality captivate Dante from the start — and now he has to have her at any cost.

For Adriana, the strong attraction, she soon accepts, is mutual. But she’s being held back by a past experience — an undissolved breakup. Pressured by her best friend, Adriana considers proceeding with caution, but her plan backfires when she discovers Dante has a questionable reputation.

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Dear reader, if you get to read any of my books, a review would be very much appreciated. Please keep in mind I am a self-published author and often self-editor of my works. Thank you and happy reading!

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