That One Time Conan Went On Tour

Remember that time when Conan O’Brien was screwed over by Jay Leno? Messy story. Well, Conan resigned as a host and after some time, since NBC banned him from working on TV during that time, he came up with a brilliant idea: “The Legally Prohibited from Being Funny on Television Tour.”

He basically toured the country with his staff, performing in front of live audiences in major US cities. For his fans —and I’m sure for his staff, as well — this was fantastic. I’m a big Conan fan and was happy to hear that he would keep connecting with fans, online and on tour.

I took this photo at his live show in Philadelphia, PA. Can’t believe it’s been four years already! The show was funny, of course. He was his typical self. He also played the guitar and sang songs like “I Will Survive” and “On the Road Again.” So funny.

Not only did I get to see Conan that night, but Tina Fey was also one of the guests to drop by! Two of my favorite people in the entertainment industry on the same stage… Yeah, it was a great night.

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What you see here is a picture of, what seems to be, cocaine being flushed down the toilet…by me.  Here’s what happened. I was at a restaurant in Philadelphia one day during happy hour when I found this little package resting on the bathroom floor, right in the open.

Is that what I think it is? I thought.

What makes this a great story? Well, my genius self grabbed it after all and brought it to the table to show it to my boyfriend and friend who were sitting outside. I didn’t think they’d believe me otherwise. (There was no one around when I picked it up.)

“Are you crazy?” they said. “Go back and flush it down the toilet.”

Believe me; most times I do think before I act, but that day I clearly wasn’t.

Really. I guess I didn’t realize the risk of carrying illegal drugs — from one door to another — because I’ve never done drugs and when there’s nothing to hide, there’s nothing to fear. I even feel weird talking about coke (when not in Coca-Cola) because of its negative reputation in society. But trying to convince the authorities about what really happened, had I been caught, would’ve been really hard.

Anyhow, I was never able to confirm what this substance was. But pretty sure it was what it was, if that makes any sense. I wonder how many times people go to public restrooms to sniff cocaine? Ordinary young professionals was all I saw at the restaurant that day, so maybe this is more common than I thought.

I went back down to the restroom and flushed it, as instructed. But before I did, I had to at least take a picture of my big blunder! And to whoever dropped it: you’re welcome. 😛

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Overly Excited Baby

This is my nephew, Rony Jr. a.k.a. Pipito a.k.a. Pito. When he was about one year old (he’s three now), he was a little celebrity. Family would literally gather around him to see him put on a show. All through these years, I’ve taken a plethora of pics of Pito in which he’s doing nothing but being silly.

In this particular picture though, he was being genuinely excited to be posing with my (worn-out) sun glasses. I asked him to pose for a photo as I was leaving and he more than gladly agreed. Pito stood still by the door, holding his pose until the shutter of the camera went flick! But the glasses were loose on him and they were falling, so he raised his little hands as though to catch them, just as I snapped the pic.

He has grated cheese all over his mouth because his mom was feeding him when I disrupted the moment. So cute! 🙂 It is one of my favorite pictures of my nephew Pito. I think I’ve shared it enough times online by now, but I wanted to share it once more. He’s no longer the center of attention — his little sister runs the show now — but he’s still a little entertainer.

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