What Makes a Dancer?

Certainly not exactly the technique. A person can go to dance school for years, but if she doesn’t feel it; if she feels no passion for dancing, coming from within, she shouldn’t call herself a dancer.

I always remember this quote, allegedly by Antonia Mercé “La Argentina” — a flamenco dancer “known for her creation of the neoclassical style of Spanish dance as a theatrical art.” (I’ve seen some really good flamenco dancers and I can tell you, I’ve never seen so much passion poured out in one performance.) Anyway, that quote I was talking about goes like this:

There are no schools to create dancers, just as there are none to create poets…
The technique, invisible for the spectator, forgotten in these moments by the artist herself, runs beneath her art like a stream of water which renders the expression, the geometry of the dance, soft and succulent.

These words always come to mind when I can’t submit to a dancing gig for not being “professionally-trained.” I might’ve never gone to school for dance, sadly. But I’m self-trained and I posses the best tools a dancer can ever have; my two feet, my rhythm, and a burning passion for this art.

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