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The mainstream hype will say that bigger is right. But these stories by a flat-chested gal will tell you otherwise.

I remember the many times I was laughed at for having “no boobs.” Honestly, I didn’t even know how to react to that. I’d laugh with my bullies in agreement, as if I did deserve it. As if it were my fault that I didn’t grow a bigger bust – as if that were something to be ashamed of at all! Society makes you believe that you’re lesser of a woman if you have a small bust, and for years, I believed it.

I was so close to saving money for breast implants in order to fix my “abnormality” and seem “more appealing.” What?! I spent too much money on the Wonder Bra, push-up bras, and silicone pads. I was about to make the mistake of my life. Thankfully, I grew up…mentally. And I read a lot of blogs of support, like this one, that played a key in helping me to build confidence.

So for those who think that getting a “boob job” is the answer, I wrote this. You’re only pleasing everyone else (especially men), not yourself, when you enlarge your breasts to “lift your confidence.” You don’t need a large cleavage as much as you think you do. I got so over it, I couldn’t care less. I accepted myself as I am and, in fact, LOVE my body.

This is a short eBook about the path I took to boost my self-esteem, in spite of society’s messed-up beauty standards, and how you, too, can learn to love your boobies. Check it out, it will at least make you feel not alone.

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